Hydrogen-Hybrid CCRV: Glosten Chooses Ballard and Chart

December 13, 2023by CN_MAR

Naval architecture and marine engineering firm Glosten, in collaboration with technology company Siemens Energy, has chosen clean energy solutions provider Ballard Power Systems and engineering company Chart Industries as the primary equipment vendors for the groundbreaking hydrogen-hybrid research vessel, known as the CCRV. Currently in the design phase, the vessel will be owned and operated by UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Scripps), according to Glosten. 

Ballard Power Systems is set to supply the fuel cells crucial for the vessel’s power, while Chart Industries will provide the essential cryogenic tank and fuel gas system. These components are integral to the hydrogen-fuel-cell propulsion system, ensuring extended zero-emissions operation during science missions along the California coast, aligning with Scripps’ clean operation objectives. 

Tim Leach, Principal Naval Architect at Glosten, leading the CCRV design effort, expressed confidence in the expertise of Ballard Power Systems and Chart Industries in hydrogen technologies. He stated, “Their experience will be invaluable to this project and integrate well with the engineering team as they move forward with developing the details of this design.” 

Jillian Evanko, CEO and President of Chart Industries, emphasized the company’s enthusiasm to contribute to this innovative, zero-emissions project. She highlighted Chart’s extensive hydrogen experience in international maritime projects, emphasizing its role in not only fuel transition but also the development of regulations, risk mitigation, and technology for new marine fuels. 

It’s noteworthy that Glosten has a long history of supporting Scripps with engineering and design work for their oceanographic research fleet. In 2018, the company conducted a feasibility study, in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, for a zero-emission hydrogen-fuel-cell coastal research vessel, leading to the development of the validated Zero-V concept. Subsequently, in 2022, Glosten secured the contract to develop a concept-through-production-level design package for the CCRV. 

As previously reported, the CCRV was designed to feature a hybrid propulsion system incorporating hydrogen fuel cells alongside a conventional diesel-electric power plant. The vessel would be equipped with various instruments and sensing systems, including acoustic Doppler current profilers, seafloor mapping systems, midwater fishery imaging systems, biological and geological sampling systems, and support for airborne drone operations. 


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