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Making Logistics Carbon Neutral

As we are all aware transportation of cargo requires the burning of fossil fuels, which create carbon dioxide. There are multiple ways to reduce and minimise the carbon footprint caused by your shipping activity, but how do we best offset these carbon emissions enabling us with confidence to make the statement that our supply chain is truly carbon neutral?. The basics of offsetting carbon emissions are fairly simple; measure the carbon emissions throughout your supply chain, then increase the bio-capacity of the planet in order to digest the number of grams of carbon dioxide that your supply chain is directly responsible for.

However, the practicality of performing such a task is a little more complex. In order to increase bio-diversity, you need to know who to turn to, and also ensure that the projects you are contributing to are suitable for your business. Our team of experts will carefully calculate the carbon emissions for each of your shipments and provide you with a report of how your supply chain is contributing to the grams of Co2 in the atmosphere. Only we have analysed your carbon emissions, our team will assess how you can reduce the Co2 levels across your supply chain.

It is clear that technology in transport is not close at this stage to providing holistic alternative methods of powering vessels and vehicles, as such the overall goal of zero carbon emissions is not achievable through optimising the way we ship. At Carbon Neutral Shipping, we have handpicked climate protection projects that are proven to be most efficient at reducing carbon emissions. After we have calculated the number of Co2 grams per tonne per kilometer that your shipment is emitting into the atmosphere, we will provide you various options on how you can offset this amount by contributing to the development of these projects, such as tree planting or other means of increasing bio-diversity.

The commitment of Carbon Neutral Shipping is to provide our customers with the tools to offset the entirety of the carbon emissions they are responsible for by engaging them with meaningful climate protection projects both here in Australia and throughout 30+ countries worldwide.


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