China’s COSCO Unveils Groundbreaking Electric Containerships

January 9, 2024by CN_MAR

China’s shipping giant, COSCO Shipping Development, has officially received two cutting-edge 700 TEU electric containerships, meticulously crafted by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Yangzhou), a division of COSCO Shipping Group. 

Unveiled and handed over on December 28, 2023, in Yangzhou, the vessels, christened COSCO Shipping Green Water 01 and COSCO SHIPPING Green Water 02 (N997 and N998, respectively), mark a pioneering achievement as the first-ever 700 TEU river-sea pure battery-powered containerships developed, designed, and constructed independently by Chinese enterprises. 

Initiated in July 2023, the maiden ship’s construction led the way, with its counterpart following suit two months earlier. Sporting a 10,000 deadweight tonnage (dwt), these vessels stand out for their capability to transport up to 700 TEU solely on battery power for the entire voyage. Employing innovative swappable battery technology, these containerships house their batteries in containers, facilitating quick replacement when depleted. Currently configured with 24 batteries in each 20-foot container, they can accommodate up to 36 units, boasting a total battery capacity exceeding 50,000 kilowatt hours. 

The environmental impact of these vessels is remarkable, with each ship anticipated to slash carbon dioxide emissions by an impressive 2,918 tons annually. This reduction is equivalent to the yearly emissions of 2,035 cars or the environmental benefit of planting 160,000 trees annually. 

Measuring 119.8 meters in length and 23.6 meters in width, these vessels spearhead efforts to establish an electrified shipping network along China’s Yangtze River. Beyond merely transportation, they aim to champion the green transformation of the waterway and showcase the feasibility of green, zero-carbon shipping. 

Both vessels feature an intelligent ship system, encompassing an intelligent integration platform, navigation, engine room, and energy efficiency monitoring. This infrastructure aligns with COSCO Shipping Group’s overarching commitment to fostering a green, low-carbon, and intelligent evolution within the shipping industry, actively promoting sustainable 


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