Seaspan Launches Second LNG Bunkering Vessel

April 22, 2024by CN_MAR

Canadian shipowner Seaspan Energy has launched the second of its three 7,600 cbm liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessels, named Seaspan Lions.

This series of vessels, each measuring 112.8 meters in length, 18.6 meters in width, and with a draft of 5 meters, has a design speed of 13 knots. They are being constructed by CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering (CIMC SOE).

In designing these LNG bunkering ships, Seaspan collaborated with the Canadian-based VARD Marine team to incorporate advanced technologies aimed at reducing emissions and underwater noise.

The vessels are engineered for safe, efficient, and economical refueling of various ship types and are capable of interfacing with a broad range of terminals. This design facilitates ship-to-ship LNG transfer as well as coastal and short-sea shipping operations.

Named after iconic West Coast mountains, the first two vessels, Seaspan Garibaldi (Nch’kay̓) and Seaspan Lions (Ch’ich’iyúy Elxwíkn), are scheduled for delivery in 2024, with the third vessel expected in 2025.

Ian McIver, President of Seaspan Energy, emphasized the strategic importance of addressing the LNG infrastructure gap along the West Coast. He stated, “Solving this gap will be crucial in fostering new markets for lower-emission fuels and advancing a more sustainable maritime industry.

He further highlighted the company’s commitment to offering low-carbon bunkering solutions that support the maritime sector’s transition to cleaner, lower-emission fuels in British Columbia, Canada, and globally.

The Seaspan Lions is set to provide LNG fueling services to vessels operating along the West Coast of North America, marking the company as the first to offer such services in the Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile, the Seaspan Garibaldi is poised to deliver low-carbon solutions globally and will be stationed in the Panama region. The vessel was launched earlier this year.


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