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BRINGING CLEAN WATER TO RWANDAN COMMUNITIESRepairing bore holes to provide clean water, eliminating the need to burn wood to purify water.

Carbon Neutral Shipping are involved in a special project bringing clean water to the Rwandan Communities. Ensuring a healthier, safer life for the population of Rwanda.


This project is located in Rwanda, a landlocked country within Africa. The country experiences very hot weather year round. The population of Rwanda is young, with the majority living out of cities.


This project ensures that the population of Rwanda has access to clean drinking water 365 days of the year, which is a necessity for human life. As safe drinking water becomes more accessible, the people of Rwanda can focus on other tasks, such as education.

About this project

Water is vital for life to exist. In Rwanda, most communities has to walk around 6 kilometres each day to supply their families with water. However this water may not be safe to drink. The family members then have to find firewood to burn in order to purify their water supply.

As this activity usually happens indoors, the children are often subject to inhaling smoke on a daily basis which causes long term respiratory issues.  

This process is very time consuming and tiring. This can result in the water being unclean which causes health issues, poor hygiene and unsatisfactory sanitation.

Bore holes are arduous to create and maintain for most communities. This project aims at building and maintaining boreholes within the village communities for the long term. Once they have been established this will give the population of Rwanda an efficient and clean source of drinking water. 

The time saved from the 6 kilometre daily walks, firewood collecting and water purification can be better used for activities such as education. 

Currently there have been over 68 thousand people who have benefited from over 50 million litres of clean drinking water that was possible from this project.

Impact of this project…

The continuing restoration, development and maintenance of the bore holes will ensure that no family need worry about sourcing their own water and purifying it for themselves. In turn this will allow them to pursue other activities such as having an education.

Every borehole is operated with a hand pump. The boreholes are 100 metres deep and will allow the communities to collect fresh clean drinking water daily.

Through offsetting your carbon footprint in shipping we can make a direct impact on the developing world and sustain our way of life for generations to come.


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