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Bushland Regeneration & RestorationIncreasing the biodiversity and biocapacity of Victoria's forests.

Due to the climate crisis we face ourselves in, Carbon Neutral Shipping got involved with a bushland regeneration and restoration project. Taking active effort in the fight against climate change.


This project is located to the South East of Australia in the State of Victoria. This place is home to a variety of animals that Australia is well known for, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and even the platypus who all live together in this diverse ecosystem.


There are various people who have been employed to monitor and map vegetation within the State of Victoria to help preserve and protect the flora and fauna which inhabit the Victoria Rainforests.

About this project

A project based on biodiversity is very different from one based on CO2. A unit credited to biodiversity is measured by the amount of square metres successfully protected and restored. These actions may well have a beneficial impact on the reduction of C02 however that is not the main focus. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping values investing in biodiversity projects as this helps to protect our planet. However, as only carbon credits directly offset carbon emissions, we first ensure our customers’ emissions are offset with carbon credits and then ‘staple’ biodiversity units to these projects. We have a double pronged attack on climate change. We invest in organisations to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions while contributing to the regeneration of vital ecosystems.

Bushland Regeneration Restoration

Impact of this project…

The first objective for this project is to ensure landscape protection, habitat connectivity, community initiatives, and sustainable livelihoods.

There are over 30 species of canopy, sub canopy and ground layer vegetation. The flora found in Victoria shall be repopulated, generating more homes for the wildlife that lives there.

Through offsetting your carbon footprint in shipping we can make a direct impact on the developing world and sustaining our way of live for generations to come.


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