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GENERATING CLEAN ENERGY THROUGH WIND POWERDelivering sustainable clean energy to communities throughout India

Carbon Neutral Shipping is working on a project to help India in the process of generating clean energy through wind power.


This project is based throughout the whole of India. Currently the country produces 30% renewable energy however the country is looking to develop upon that for a more sustainable future.


This project plays a vital role in India’s ambitions to reduce the CO2 produced by the fossil fuels that are currently burnt to provide the country with energy. 

Currently 70% of the electricity in India is generated by fossil fuels. By producing energy from wind power, this will help reduce the carbon footprint of the country substantially as more wind farms are created to cope with the energy consumption of the country. Not only will the carbon emissions be reduced, but new jobs will be created, improving the lived of the communities where the wind farms are developed.

About this project

Reducing carbon emissions is a huge aim for the Indian government. As more wind farms are developed this will ensure that the population of India will have access to much more reliable, affordable, and clean energy. This project will help close the gap in the demand for energy within India. 

As the wind farms are built this will generate job opportunities for the local communities. The jobs involved will be; maintenance, operating the turbines and running the site operations. Producing renewable energy from wind turbines will act as an active catalyst in bringing awareness to climate change and promote the cross from using fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

Impact of this project…

The change from fossil fuels towards renewable energies will give the local communities more job opportunities which in turn will give the families an improved lifestyle. 

The project will help to educate the local communities about the importance of using renewable energies and the impact of climate change. The energy created by these wind farms will give a more reliable source of electricity to the population of India.

Through offsetting your carbon footprint in shipping we can make a direct impact on the developing world and sustain our way of life for generations to come.


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