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GENERATING SUSTAINABLE GEOTHERMAL ENERGYDelivering emission-free energy through geothermal power.

Generating Geothermal energy has been a practice used by man for thousands of years. Over the last 100 years, geothermal energy has become more and more widely used as a renewable energy source.


This project is based in Aydin, Turkey. It is located at the heart of the lover valley of the Büyük Menderes River. There are approximately 208,000 people that live there.


Geothermal energy is used all over the world. People have been enjoying the by-products of geothermal energy, either knowingly or otherwise, for thousands of years in the form of hot springs that pop up most commonly in highly volcanic areas. 

Geothermal energy can be sourced anywhere in the world, however, it can be sourced more so at points where the tectonic plates meet and shift. Often indicated by the presence of volcanoes, geysers and regular earthquakes. 

Turkey currently has ten active volcanoes. As geothermal energy is best sourced where there is volcanic activity. Once this geothermal power plant has been established, the inhabitants of Aydin will be able to tap into this sustainable energy source. This will help to vastly reduce the carbon emissions that are currently released into the atmosphere from fossil fuels.

About this project

Geothermal energy is a natural phenomenon. This can be seen naturally, when heat has escaped the earth’s crust, heats up water that seeps into underground reservoirs. If/when the water becomes hot enough it can break the surface of the earth’s crust as steam or hot water.
A geothermal power plant replicates this process. The most common type of geothermal power plants is a “Dry Steam” plant. There is a man-made shaft drilled vertically underground to a geothermal heat source. These vertical shafts act as pipes, taking the hot airto wind turbines. The heat moves the blades to generate renewable electricity. 

This is a great source of energy as it is not dependent on weather. This process works continuously, 365 days a year with a low carbon footprint. 

 Choosing to use Carbon Neutral Shipping means you are also choosing to help the environment in more ways than one.

Impact of this project…

This project will do a lot for the environment and the population who live there. 

  1. There will be reduced greenhouse gas emissions (an average of 705,394t CO2e each year). 
  2. Air pollution will be drastically reduced, as that is a byproduct of fossil fuels which will no longer need to be burnt.
  3. There will be a constant supply of electricity. 
  4. It will give job opportunities to the locals as well. 

Through offsetting your carbon footprint in shipping we can make a direct impact on the developing world and sustaining our way of life for generations to come. 


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