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MOUNT SANDY CONSERVATIONRestoration of Australian indigenous land using native methods

Carbon Neutral Shipping have been working closely with the Aboriginal community on the Mount Sandy Conservation, promoting partnerships between Traditional Landowners and non-Indigenous Australians through vital conservation work.


This project is located at the meeting point of the Murray, Australia’s largest river, feeds into the Southern Ocean. The coast line is awe inspiring due to the coast line being made up of limestone. Alas, over the years, a large area of land surrounding these national treasures have been cleared for agriculture.


A collaboration has been struck between the local Ngarrindjeri Elders, Clyde and Rose Rigney to protect and oversee this conservation project inorer to restore the habitats of the wildlife who call this place home.

About this project

A project based on biodiversity is very different from one based on CO2. A unit credited to biodiversity is measured by the amount of square metres successfully protected and restored. These actions may well have a beneficial impact on the reduction of C02 however that is not the main focus. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping values investing in biodiversity projects as this helps to protect our planet. However, as only carbon credits directly offset carbon emissions, we first ensure our customers’ emissions are offset with carbon credits and then ‘staple’ biodiversity units to these projects. We have a double pronged attack on climate change. We invest in organisations to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions while contributing to the regeneration of vital ecosystems.

Mount Sandy Conservation Project is located on the traditional land of the Ngarrindjeri people. What was once a rich and diverse habitat is now mainly dominated by vegetation, with pockets of intact native vegetation. 

The site is host to various types of habitat which allow a diverse range of animals to live here. Animals such as the short-beaked echidna, eggplant parrot and the purple-graped honeyeater call this home in the diverse mix of shrub and swamp land that covers this site. 

The Ngarrindjeri people have inhabited this land for millennia. They have built up a rich understanding of the land and how to take care of it. The  Ngarrindjeri Elders will work closely with this conservation effort, overseeing the ongoing management of the project which covers around 200 Hectares of land.

Impact of this project…

This site will slowly restore the habitat back to what it was. Not only will it restore, but will also ensure permanent protection of this regionally and culturally important biodiversity-rich land. The wildlife will be able to flourish. Local nurseries at Raukkan Aboriginal Community, a self-governing Aboriginal community 50 kilometres drive from the project, will supply native plants and vegetation. This project will also supply an array of jobs for the Raukkan community including; monitoring and mapping vegetation, fencing, pest and weed control. 

Through offsetting your carbon footprint in shipping you can directly impact the developing world and help sustain and improve our way of live.


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