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SUSTAINABLE CEMENT INITATIVE IN THAILANDReducing the CO2 released into the atmosphere by changing the cement production process.

Cement and concrete production are carbon intensive processes. Carbon Neutral Shipping is involved in an initiative which reduced the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. It will prevent over 600,000 tonnes of C02 emissions being released each year. 


Based in Thailand, there are five cement manufacturers across three provinces; Saraburi, Lampang and Nakon Si Thammarat, who are a part of this initiative. 

There were 15 cement plants in Thailand as of 2021. Siam Cement Group being the largest manufacturer, owning six plants.


The majority of electricity in Thailand is generated through the burning of fossil fuels. Not only that but creating cement is a highly emission-intensive process. 5% of man-made CO2 emissions globally come from cement production. 

The whole concept behind this initiative is to replace fossil fuels with renewables such as rice husks, wood processing residues and other agricultural waste.  Five cement plants shall be modified, burning biomass as opposed to fossil fuels to operate.

About this project

Cement is an incredibly valuable component of the constriction industry world wide. This being said, the production of cement is not very good for the environment due to the amount of CO2 produced in the process. In order to shift the scales, a huge amount of R&D is required. 

The shift towards biomass not only benefits the environment, but is a genuine financial alternative to fossil fuels. This in turn will benefit the local communities. 

Siam Cement Group was the first company in Thailand to take on this new approach. As well as being more sustainable, the company will generate more money through the sale of carbon credits. This will fund the costs needed to modify the manufacturing plants. The excess money shall be put into establishing new supply chains and overcoming various technology risks and barriers.

Impact of this project…

This project alone will:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by over 600,000 tonnes. 
  • A circular waste economy shall be established. Therefore there shall be less waste. 
  • As biomass is used more so, the availability will increase, allowing the locals to  to use this renewable energy. 
  • More jobs will be created for the local area. 

This project has funded various social programs which benefit the community such as:

  • 6,500 new dams built for forest conservation. 
  • Creating school scholarships.
  • Mobile local healthcare facility.
  • Over 9,000 hectares of eucalyptus trees have been planted. This has improved the biodiversity in nearby forests.

As global worming continues to become an ever present talking point in our day to day lives, Carbon Neutral Shipping are dedicated to continually spearheading the way for sustainable shipping and reduced CO2 emissions. 


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