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WIND FARMS FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY ENERGYDeveloping renewable, sustainable energy for the islands communities.

Currently Carbon Neutral Shipping is working on a project based in Taiwan, developing wind farms for local community energy. 


Changbin and Taichung are located on the coast of Taiwan, an island in the Western Pacific Ocean.  Taiwan sits 160 kilometres off the Southeastern coast of China.


Taiwan has an ample supply of strong winds as it is an island with coast line surrounding the entirety of the country. Taiwan is heavily invested in reducing its CO2 emissions. 

The wind farms consist of 62 wind turbines. In total, they produce 480 thousand MWh of power every year. This clean energy is supplied directly to the grid. The clean energy provided gives an alternative to fossil fuel and currently reduces the C02 emission by over 328 thousand tonnes per year.

About this project

Taiwan is surrounded by coast land providing the country with a lot of wind, however the energy used on the island is still 75% fossil fuel.

Taiwan understands that they need to shift to renewable energy to provide the country with energy security. Currently 480 thousand MWh are generated each year from 62 turbines in Taiwan. 

Not only is this clean energy push reducing the carbon footprint of Taiwan, the project is involved with reforestation. 2,400 m2 of land has already been subject to this process which is encouraging biodiversity. 

Lastly, this project has given 28 long term jobs to the local community boosting the economy.

Impact of this project…

Finally, the strong coastal winds of Taiwan are being used to benefit the country. The turbines are harnessing the strong winds to generate renewable energy which has reduced the CO2 produced by the island drastically. Currently there’s been a reduction of 328,000 tonnes per year with the hopes for this to drop more so as the country continues to move away from fossil fuels. 

Through offsetting your carbon footprint in shipping we can make a direct impact on the developing world and sustain our way of life for generations to come. 


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