What is a climate projection project?

Climate change has been in the news for over 40years, the release of greenhouse gases is heating up our planet, melting the ice caps, destroying habitats and polluting our planet. As a species, humans have long known about impact of greenhouse gases and how there are damaging the planet. Although there has been significant technological development in sustainable and renewable energy solutions, the fact remains that our primary source of power comes from the burning of fossil fuels.

In the logistics industry, we are no closer to moving away from powering vessels and vehicles via traditional fuel burning, all of which are contributing significantly to harmful carbon emissions. The increase in global commerce is only causing the number of shipments to rise and with it the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the air due to shipping. So what can the logistics industry do minimise its contribution to climate change?

Funding projects that reduce carbon emissions is at the forefront of offsetting carbon emissions. Climate protection projects are verified initiatives which are proven to absorb carbon emissions or replace traditional energy generation methods with renewable or emission free solutions. Nowadays, corporations are becoming more conscience and responsible for their carbon footprint, they are measuring the impact their activity has in terms of the contribution to carbon emissions. At Carbon Neutral Shipping, we provide companies the tools to accurately measure their carbon footprint, and provide them opportunities to to fund climate protection projects in order to offset their carbon emissions.

Carbon protection projects can range from development of wind farms or building geothermal power stations. Global tree planting initiatives and increasing bio-diversity are all excellent projects for companies to fund, thus investing in a project that is actively reducing carbon emissions. If a company is responsible for 20,000kg of carbon emissions, the can select a climate protection project to fund, the funding amount is subsequently calculated against the amount of carbon released. So, if the plantation of 100 trees was required to absorb 20,000kg of carbon and each tress costs $10, the contribution to a climate projection project would be $1000, thus resulting in carbon neutral activity.

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